It's simpler than you think

Cellulite: What is the Story?

It's simpler than you think

Cellulite: What is the Story?

What exactly is cellulite? How can it be there is no cure? There are so many treatments around that make claims but don’t deliver. Let’s take a look:

What is cellulite?

Around the cellulite fat there is vertical connective tissue and fascia-that is similar in structure to scar tissue. This tissue over time becomes tight and stiff without enough collagen and when circulation is poor.

Picture a fish net holding fat, and now that fish net gets tighter and stiffer around the fat. The fat begins to push through it. Now we lay a thin skin on top of that. It will look lumpy bumpy just like cellulite.

The answer? If we take Shore Magic® collagen every day, it will help the vertical connective tissue become more flexible and looser, and help the fascia resolve. The result is a smoother appearance overall.

Many women who have been using Shore Magic® have reported seeing their thighs get much smoother, and some have no cellulite left at all!

From our gorgeous skin care line Je Suis Collagène® we have a slimming gel and body lotion that are infused with micro-engineered marine collagen. When they are applied in a circular messaging motion on the thighs and buttocks the other active ingredients also support a much smoother silhouette. It also increases the circulation in those areas that is crucial for smoothing cellulite.

Voila! Beauty from the inside and out!

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