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Collagen is the matrix foundation of the entire human body. Making up over 70% of our bodies, collagen is an essential protein. Not only does collagen support the way you feel, but has a tremendous impact on the way you look.


Shore Magic Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen has superior absorption capabilities (up to 19 times more absorbable) than typical sources of collagen such as porcine and bovine collagen supplements. This is due to the lower weight of the molecules used in our collagen.

Shore Magic is a pharmaceutical grade product, meaning that it exceeds 99% purity and contains no binders, fillers excipients, dyes or unknown substances. Fewer than 3% of products on the market are pharmaceutical grade.

Shore Magic Collagen is the only collagen to have proven, published science supporting enhanced bioavailability and efficacy compared to others in the market.


Joy Harari has a help change lives for the better through nutrition. She believes that beauty, health and happiness begin from within - they begin with collagen. Joy’s journey to holistic healing began while she was helping young children on the autistic spectrum. While searching for a better alternative to bone broth – which helped heal the digestive tract and improve the overall health of her clients – Joy discovered that the real source of healing in the broth was collagen. Joy set out to find the purest, highest-quality form of collagen available, with no dangerous additives, fillers, synthetic vitamins or herbs - a hypoallergenic product that was backed by science and safe for all to use on a daily basis - and thus, Shore Magic was born. Joy believes Shore Magic collagen will help everyone live a healthier, happier and better life. It’s her way of healing the world, one person at a time.