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Sports, Recovery and Shore Magic

We all know that the health benefits of exercise can help us look and feel better, but what do we do when our rigorous fitness regime leaves us sore, aching and exhausted? In this scenario, Shore Magic collagen is your new best friend. Shore Magic founder Joy Harari likes to focus on energy, recovery and strength: three things an athlete always has in mind.

An active person puts their body through a lot, and while a fit and healthy lifestyle is wonderful, side effects can include aching joints, pulled muscles, and repetitive stress injuries. Ouch! Luckily, Shore Magic collagen can help athletes achieve both short-term and long-term energy and wellness from an natural source free of unpronounceable ingredients or questionable additives.

Shore Magic collagen products have been scientifically demonstrated to accelerate the wound-healing process on a cellular level. Taking Shore Magic every day builds up your body’s strength safely and naturally over time, and extra quantities (2-3 times per day) can be taken after injury to assist in short-term healing. Joy has seen clients with joint issues and connective tissue degradation report complete renewal of their tissues showing up in hospital scans.

What do you have to do to see these results for yourself? Simply mix two tablespoons of tasteless Shore Magic collagen powder into any food or drink you like and experience the magic!