The Published Science Simplified

Marcel Benadiba, Raphael Serruya, and Yehoshua Maor, with corresponding author Dr. Yehoshua Maor. Phytor Lab for Drug Development, Hadassah Medical Center Hebrew University Biotechnology Park (JBP), Ein Kerem Campus, Jerusalem 91120, Israel.

  • Shore Magic® Collagen enhanced migration of epithelial cells. The translational significance of that is that this supplement facilitates wound healing. Thus giving the skin the ability to recover from oxidative stress and a rapid process of healing after a wound, including recovery of stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • Shore Magic® Collagen enhanced migration of endothelial cells. The translational significance of that is that this supplement facilitates wound healing process and also flexibility of blood vessels. This may reflect in bringing the blood pressure to healthy normal levels.
  • Migration of endothelial cells caused by the incubation of the cells with Shore Magic® Collagen may counter the deleterious effects of tobacco and cigarettesover the blood vessels.
  • Shore Magic® Collagen increased the adhesion of epithelial cells. This reflects the anti-aging effect of it. By increasing adhesion of the skin cells, the results will be seen by augmented tightness of the tissue, giving the skin a healthier and rejuvenated aspect.
  • Shore Magic® Collagen does not increase the adhesion of endothelial cells. The significance of that is that it does counter the stiffness effect of oxidative stress on blood vessels caused by pollution, bad dietary habits and smoking.
  • Shore Magic® Collagen diminishes the tightness in the gut barrier thus indicating its ability to be absorbed when taken orally (Bioavailability) and also its detoxifying effects by helping the gut to get rid of toxins.
  • Shore Magic® Collagen diminishes the tightness of the in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier. That indicates that effects of the orally-taken Shore Magic® will have its beneficial effects also on the nervous system.
  • Indeed Shore Magic® Collagen induced neurogenesis, which is the creation of new neurons in the brain. The significance of that is that Shore Magic® collagen may help in cases of attention deficits and improve memory and cognitive functions.
  • Shore Magic® Collagen enhanced skin (epithelial) cell proliferation indicating its ability to exert beneficial effects on the skin which is lost with the advance of age.
  • Most of the observed effects during the in vitro assays may be attributed to Shore Magic® Collagen small molecular weight, which apparently allows diffusion through the lipid bilayer of cells.
  • This is the first time that elementary assays like these are performed to demonstrate the function of a collagen product in vitro.