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Digestion, Gut Health and Shore Magic Collagen

Bone broth anyone?? We've been seeing bone broth everywhere. It's the new superfood.
I have to say, on a cold winter day a cup of bone broth sounds so comfy, no? We now know that the main squeeze of health in that soup is really collagen!
So do you want to heal digestive problems and deeper gut issues? It would take a lot of bone broth to equal the potency of one serving of Shore Magic® Collagen. Shore Magic® is so bio-available it is a powerhouse of healing proteins. Shore Magic® is the REAL superfood!!

The structural properties and amino acid profile of Shore Magic® Collagen does amazing things.
Reduces gut inflammation
Helps to heal stomach ulcers-the amino acids in Shore Magic® help heal the stomach lining and prevent stress induced ulcers.
Aids in digestion by holding water in the intestine and helping move food through the GI tract more smoothly.
Helps regulate stomach acid secretions, which helps to prevent heartburn, stomach ulcers and other digestive disturbances caused by an overly acidic environment.