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Is Your Teen an Athlete?

Do you know many teens who eat well? Me neither. Fast food, pizza, soda or constant crash diets that barely meet nutritional needs.

But what happens when your teen is also an athlete? One amazing Athlete, whose mom happens to be part of the Shore Magic® team, Michael Natkin was just named the MVP of his champion basketball team last night. Congrats Michael!!!

About 8 months ago his body was hurting. Lots of aches and pains. Lots of wear and tare. Basketball, tennis and much more. His mom Jaclyn who understands the power of Shore Magic® started putting Shore Magic® in his morning drink every single day.

That started about seven months ago. Everything healed. He was back on the tennis court and playing basketball with no pain. As he got the bumps and bruises they healed QUICKLY!
Michael really began to understand what Shore Magic® does for him and thanked his Mom for giving it to him daily.

All moms worry about their kids on the courts and fields. Are they wearing proper gear? Are they playing too rough? We want them to be great but the risks scare all moms.
What if their bones, ligaments and muscles were stronger? If they had better endurance too move quicker? If they could bounce back from bumps and bruises almost over night?
MOST accidents happen when athletes are getting tired. Shore Magic® Supports all of the above. Energy, endurance and recovery too.

What can Shore Magic® do for your teen athlete? Inspire other moms and teens with your experiences using Shore Magic®. Come aboard!