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Joy's Picks

Two things I’m always tuned into are love and fun.  That extends into everything I do. 

Whether it’s sharing the happiness that comes with taking Shore Magic or sending my friends a link for something that’s just perfect for them, I’m always looking to share what makes me happy. 

That’s one of the reasons we’re launching Joy’s Picks. To sprinkle a little bit more love and fun around. Who doesn’t need that?

Each month I’ll get a chance to share with you what products are catching my eye. 

But be warned, there’s a good chance one of these picks becomes your next serious crush.


Bulletproof Coffee, French Kick

Would you believe I didn’t drink coffee for 25 years?!  I cut it out because I got stomach aches and headaches from it. Then I heard Dave Asprey speaking about Bulletproof coffee. He believes that the bad reactions to coffee are reactions to pesticides and mycotoxins in the coffee. He was right! 

About 5 years ago I tried Bulletproof French Kick Coffee. I never looked back! It is organic and tested. The purest coffee ever!  I buy the whole beans and grind them myself.  

I start each day now with a fresh cup of French Kick and two scoops of Shore Magic. I’m obsessed.  



Black Leather Basketball Hoop

If only this hoop was around when my boys were growing up! Talk about a reason to work on your jump shot. Now I just need to find a spot for it so the grandchildren can take shots indoors! So chic.  


Saint Laurent Suzanne Mini Leather Hobo Bag

The chain. The leather. The color!

I’d take this bag everywhere if I could.


Alexander McQueen Mixed-Media Denim Peplum Jacket

There’s just something about this jacket that captures everything I love about McQueen. The integration of denim and peplum is dynamic, while the silhouette has been living rent free in my mind since I first saw it. It’s more than just a statement piece, it’s the whole darn conversation.