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Joy's Picks for March

Without fail, it happens to me every year. There’s that one moment in the winter when I begin to finally notice the days getting longer. The sun shining a bit brighter. The nagging urge to finally shelve those sweaters arrives. It can mean only one thing. March is here and we’re finally ready to usher in the spring!

What are you excited for this season? I’m ready for long walks on the shore, the feeling of a fresh breeze through my hair, and never mentioning the term “wintry mix” again.

We all have different reasons to be excited that winter is finally ready to take a break, but there’s one thing we can all agree on. We’re ready for our annual breakup with cold weather. That’s why this week’s picks are focused on giving you the best plan for the new season.

But remember, there’s a good chance one of these picks could become your serious spring crush.


Prada Terry Cloth Logo Slides

No matter the season, I love shoes!!! Can you tell?? These Prada comfy slides are just too cute, and perfect for the spring. I just hope my grandkids don’t think these were made of Muppet fur.


Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Mules

The heel height on these Gucci Mules screams perfection. They’re the perfect mesh of style and comfort. And yes, the green shade of emerald is what caught my eye! 💚 Now spring can be in the air, and on your feet.


Alain Saint-Joanis Carla Stainless Steel and Ebony Silverware Set

I always seem to end up in the entertaining section when I’m window shopping. There’s just something unique about beautiful table wear. The right piece of flatware with the perfect heft can change your entire culinary experience. I just adore this silverware set from Alain Saint-Joanis. Now in all honesty, I didn’t buy them…Yet. Next year I hope to do a little redecorating in my home, so I will def be back for another visit. 😜


The High Performance Planner

I decided recently to make improving my organizational skills a priority.  One easy step I took to improve my abilities was by buying this combination planner/journal that has built-in writing prompts, self-assessments, and calendars. It was created by bestselling author and performance coach Brendon Burchard to help you strategize your time in a way that leads to greater personal development.


If you’ve been looking for a way to be more intentional with your time this is a great place to start. Spring is all about new growth after all!