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Party Detox with Shore Magic

If you’re of college age, you’re probably familiar with certain lifestyle choices: parties late into the night, way less than eight hours of sleep, a diet with very little green in it, social smoking, and perhaps more than a few drinks every weekend. Waking up on those Monday mornings can feel like a nightmare!

These are all common parts of the lives of young people. While you may think you’re young and invincible, your body is telling a different story! Your liver, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract are all feeling the blows from a carefree college lifestyle, and they’re crying out for help.

Shore Magic collagen will come to your rescue. Our single-ingredient marine collagen supplement is scientifically proven to aid the detoxification of the liver and lungs. Also, long-term ingestion of Shore Magic can lead to many beneficial effects in the gastrointestinal tract.

Our product is made up of short chain amino acids that are up to 95% absorbable by the body, unlike other collagen supplements on the market, meaning that your body can soak up and use Shore Magic quickly and effectively in full-body anti-aging and rejuvenation. This is why Shore Magic is the best collagen supplement on the market today.  

Mix your Shore Magic powder into any hot or cold food or beverage to start your journey to a brighter, healthier and more resilient you. Your body will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shop Pay Installment?

We've partnered with Shop Pay to give you more payment options when you're ready to check out. Now you can choose to pay in interest-free installments so you can get your stuff right away without having to shell out all the cash at once. 

Just click on Shop Pay at checkout and select the Pay in 4 installments option. After your first payment is made, your next three payments will be automatically charged every two weeks for the next six weeks. No need to worry about any extra fees or interest - it's all included in the total cost.

How does the Shore Magic subscription work?

We’re so happy to introduce a much easier and faster way for you to receive your Shore Magic marine collagen powder with no FORO (fear of running out) when you need it so you’ll never miss a day and save up to $468/year. 

You can sign up to receive our one month supply of collagen every 30 days, our 4-month supply of collagen every 30, 60 or 120 days or our 2 pack of collagen sachets every 28 or 45 days. With each subscription you’ll save 10% on every order and receive complimentary shipping in the US. 

How do I subscribe?

Click here to subscribe. Choose from the 30-day supply, the 4-month supply, or the (2) 14 pack of sachets, then click Add to Cart. We will automatically add a complimentary premium frother to your cart when you subscribe to our 30-day supply or 4-month supply, then checkout.