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Weight Loss, Metabolism and Appetite

Struggling to finally conquer that weight loss plateau? Feeling those afternoon sugar cravings kicking in? Hunger headaches interrupting your busy day? If your slow metabolism is slowing you down, regular intake of Shore Magic collagen can help. Joy understands just how important it is to keep your body in balance, and a key part of a balanced daily life is a healthy metabolism.

Advice on weight loss around social media can rapidly get ridiculous: “Cut red meat from your diet! Wait, never mind, now eat nothing but red meat!” Et cetera. Major eye roll! We encourage you to go beyond the latest diet trends and weight loss fads and stick with something timeless – our scientifically proven products.

Collagen minimizes inflammation in your body while maintaining and restoring muscle protein and a positive nitrogen balance. Daily consumption of Shore Magic can help control your appetite, help balance your hormones and blood sugar levels, help to increase your energy and improve your lean muscle ratio. Now that sounds like something you can crave without guilt! For this recipe for a healthier you, all you’ll need is our single-ingredient, highly bioavailable Shore Magic collagen powder.