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The History of Shore Magic

My journey to holistic healing began while I was working with young children on the autism spectrum. While searching for a better alternative to bone broth – which helped heal the digestive tract and improve the overall health of my clients – I discovered that the real source of healing was the collagen in bone broth. 

So I set out to find the purest, highest-quality form of collagen available, with no dangerous additives, fillers, synthetic vitamins or herbs – a certified hypoallergenic product that was pure, tested, backed by science and safe for all to use on a daily basis and thus, Shore Magic was born.

Unlike many other sources of collagen, Shore Magic premium marine collagen powder is made from the highest-quality, purest collagen available, and is an excellent source of Types I, II, III, and IV collagen, which is the most abundant type of collagen found in the human body. This makes it ideal for supporting skin, joint, and bone health. It is also highly bioavailable, meaning that it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Shore Magic marine collagen powder can be added to a variety of foods and beverages, including smoothies, coffee, and even baked goods. It is a convenient and easy way to incorporate collagen into your daily routine, and can provide a variety of health benefits, including improved skin elasticity and hydration, joint support, and even improved gut health.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to help improve lives through health and wellness. With Shore Magic collagen, I continue to hope that everyone can live a healthier, happier and better life.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the serving size of Shore Magic collagen?

The recommended serving size of Shore Magic Collagen is 2 scoops, or about 10 grams. Our one-month supply contains 300 grams, providing approximately 30 servings per container. Our 4-month supply contains 1200 grams, providing approximately 120 servings per container. Our sachets contain 140 grams total, with 14 individually packaged servings per pack.

How does collagen improve my skin, body and health?

Collagen is a protein that is naturally present in all organs and tissues of the body. As we age, our collagen production decreases, and we may not get enough collagen in our diets. Taking highly absorbable Shore Magic Collagen provides the body with the essential building blocks that can improve skin, body, and overall health. Shore Magic can help increase strength, firmness, and elasticity in the body.

Why isn’t my container of Shore Magic collagen filled all the way up?

Our containers are designed to have a little extra space to prevent the collagen from becoming too compacted, which could cause the fine powder to puff out when opened. We ensure that each container of Shore Magic Collagen contains the exact amount of grams stated on the packaging. Our collagen is produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities to maintain quality and consistency.