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Replenishing Facial Toner
Replenishing Facial Toner

Replenishing Facial Toner


A carefully curated and refreshing formula of marine collagen and powerful botanicals that is gentle, stimulating and refreshing to restore minerals, moisture and pH balance.



Derived from the sea, our toner soothes, protects, moisturizes, restores minerals and provides suppleness and elasticity.

Shore Magic micro-engineered marine collagen, marine elastin, lichen extract, natural glycerin and sea water work to gently and effectively balance and revitalize skin.

How To Use

For optimal results, after cleansing, apply liberally on a cotton pad and wipe your skin using light pressure in an upward stroke.


Active Ingredients

  • Soothing & Protective: Natural Glycerin
  • Moisturizing & Emollient: Lichen Extract
  • Suppleness: Marine Collagen
  • Elasticity: Marine Elastin
  • Restores Minerals: Sea Water
Replenishing Facial Toner

Replenishing Facial Toner