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Can My Scars Ever Heal?

When I first discovered Shore Magic® Collagen I was not so sure what it would do for me. I knew I needed it to help my clients heal their gastrointestinal tracts, but first I had to try it on myself.

About a year before I started taking Shore Magic® I had an accident with a mandoline slicer, the very sharp cutting tool that is supposed to slice veggies super thin. The first time I used it I sliced off a piece of my thumb (sorry for the graphic description). I had to have a skin graft operation to fix it. I know I don’t tend to scar well, and as expected I got a horrible Keloid scar on my wrist where they took the skin to fix my thumb. It was red, puffy and really ugly. I tried everything to heal it but nothing changed, nada!

After one month of being on Shore Magic®, I was on the beach with my family and feeling great. All of a sudden I noticed my scar was gone!!! It was flat and white and you could hardly notice it! I was shocked and then it hit me. My beautiful pure collagen product healed my scar. Wow!!!

That is not the best part. Other women who heard came to me and healed old scars much worse than mine. One woman had a huge scar down her thigh that she had from a surgery, another healed a bunch of scars on her chest that she had for over 10 years. Amazing!

I was really shocked. It’s like our bodies got the Shore Magic® and said “oh yeah, I needed that to heal something” and continued the healing process that left off a long time ago. Miraculous if you ask me!!

A couple of weeks ago a woman called me to tell me she had surgery six months ago and was left with an opened wound that would not heal!! She remembered a year before that she had taken a jar of Shore Magic® to give to her children and there was some left. This smart woman started to take it and in two weeks the scar the doctors couldn’t close was fully healed.

This is why I do what I do. People need to understand the POWER of Shore Magic®. TRULY MAGICAL!!

Note to pregnant women; Shore Magic® marine collagen is known to help prevent stretch marks. It is essential amino acids for growing babies and helping to sustain the health and beauty of the pregnant moms. Shore Magic®is safe and pure enough even for pregnant women and small children.

Shore Magic® has also been shown to help heal scarring from acne, eczema, and psoriasis, that is a beautiful thing.