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How to Get Rid of Underarm Flab with Shore Magic Collagen

Okay People this is how you do Beauty From The Inside and Out. Take a good picture or better yet a video of your arms in motion from all angles. I know that can be painful to see, but it’s an absolute necessity so you can clearly see incremental improvements!

Now start taking 2-4 tablespoons of Shore Magic® each and every day. Use our Je Suis Collagène® Slimming gel and body lotion to enhance results. They really work! Consistency is the Key!!

Shore Magic® Collagen helps to rebuild the loose skin, but more importantly it rebuilds muscles and loose connective tissue under the skin as well.

Side note; It is known that people who are bed-bound for long periods of time have severe muscle atrophy. When they are on collagen this does not happen, the body is able to utilize the collagen to preserve the muscle. So imagine what Shore Magic® Collagen can do for you!!!

The next step is to add in some good arm exercises that target the triceps, and biceps muscles and the smaller auxiliary muscles under your arms. Get that in at least 3 times per week.

After one-month look at the video or pictures you took and compare. Over time you will see more and more improvements. Let us know how beautiful your arms are looking. Nothing makes us happier than to know we are helping people look better and more importantly feel the best that they can!