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How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

“You look so tired." is one of the worst insults that people say with good intention and out of concern. When it comes to beauty from the inside out I truly believe under eye health is from the inside…mostly.

The under eye area correlates to the kidneys in Chinese medicine. When the kidneys are strong and healthy the under eye area looks firm and lighter in color. When people have stagnation in the kidneys it effects the inner ears and the under eye area, and it does make you feel tired.

When my children were young they used to get ear infections and I would treat them with home remedies only. My favorite home remedy for ear infection is a ginger compress on the kidney. It worked like a charm.

I’ve noticed on myself that when I am eating a clean diet of mostly vegetables and fish my under eye looks very flat and healthy and I look rested. When digestion is good and diet is good (not too much salty junk food and sugars) my under eyes reflect that right away.

How Can Shore Magic® Help?
Shore Magic® is pure collagen, which can help heal a leaky gut. When the delicate lining of the digestive tract is healthy, digestion is good and it is reflected in your face. Less puffiness all over, especially in the delicate eye area.

Shore Magic® also helps to strengthen all the vital organs, and kidneys too. By drinking enough pure water and digesting well, kidney function should be at its best

How Can ​Je Suis Collagène® Timeless Lifting Eye Cream Help?
​Je Suis Collagène® Timeless lifting eye cream is a complete support for the delicate skin under the eye. It has the following ingredients

• Firmness: Pentapeptide-17
• Anti-aging Peptide: Argireline
• Moisture: Rosa Canina
• Powerful Antioxidant: Camellia Oleifera
• Anti-inflammatory: Passionflower
• Anti-wrinkle Complex: Matrixyl 3000
• Regenerating: Evening Primrose
• Moisturizing: Avocado Oil
• Natural Hormone Precursor: Wild Yam Extract
• Anti-aging: Grape Seed Extract

With Shore Magic®, ​Je Suis Collagène®, and a proper diet, your eyes will stay youthful and reflect true health and beauty on the inside.