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The Real Truth About Workout Food

What’s wrong with the fuel most people are using? I call them Frankenfuels. From “Gatorade” to “power bars” to those creepy gel packs full of chemicals and synthetic “nutrients,” I really don’t know how we got so far from real food.

Those Frankenfuels have very high sugar content. Gatorade was recently forced to take out the brominated vegetable oil, BVO. Another ingredient in many sport drinks is TBHQ it is a preservative also an anti-corrosive agent found in diesel oil! Many of the protein powders people use have artificial sweeteners and chemicals that lead to brain fog during a workout.


The specific amino acids in Shore Magic® Premium Collagen, primarily glycine and proline help repair tissue, lessen inflammation, shortens recovery after exercise and helps with sports related injuries. Supplementation with Shore Magic hydrolyzed marine collagen showed a reduction of risk for injuries on muscle, tendons, and ligaments in athletes. Also, the glycine and arginine content in Shore Magic aids athletic performance and help maintain and restore muscle mass. Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which is known to increase muscle mass and that may explain the performance gains.
If you’d like to increase your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury, try Shore Magic® Premium Collagen Protein in a shake after a workout!
The truth is that we should be putting as natural a food source as possible into our bodies especially during and after strenuous physical activity.

Why don’t people just eat real food? Well you can’t patent and make money off raw almonds. Real food takes time to plan and prepare. It is so much easier to grab a power bar at the gym. People have been led to believe they need to train with the fuel they will use during competitions. At the time of an iron man competition it is not very aero dynamic to carry bags of food along.

However, here are some good ideas of things you can prepare and take along;
Chia seeds 3-4 tbsp. Soak in water add lemon, Shore Magic® Premium Collagen and a spoon of raw honey and make a slurry. Its clean burning food.
Rice balls using pressure-cooked white rice, you can add eggs and meats, or coconut, blueberries, raw honey, and dates. Always add Shore Magic® Premium Collagen. Put in the food processor and make them into balls.
Raw seeds and nuts with a little dried fruit.
Nut butters mixed with coconut oil and raw honey, and Shore Magic® Premium Collagen Powder
Grain free granola, mixed with Shore Magic® Premium Collagen before baking

** Skip the rice if you are low carb and want your body to use fat to burn fuel.

Real food alternatives require less water than bars and gels. Bars and Gels contain fermentable carbs like fructose and maltodextrin, which causes gas and bloating and indigestion afterwards.
For post workouts, the ideal scenario is to eat a real meal. Don’t worry about protein carb fat ratio the experts say it is not necessary. Just eat your regularly scheduled highly nutritive meal
So, let’s all commit to a more natural source of healthy energy to fuel our workouts. It will keep you healthier and younger looking in the long run as well as boosting your performance and recovery.


To understand carbohydrate delivery and the maximum rate of fluid absorption;
Osmolality read on....
....Most sports drinks have 6-8% concentrated solution. Bars. Energy packets and gels have 10-30% concentration of carbs. When you consume them absorption is not ideal unless you drink tons of water with them. Many labels suggest drinking at least 8 oz. of water with it and most people don’t follow directions. Anything above a 4% concentrated solution will result in GI distress and fluid emptying.
Another thing that’s been exaggerated to sell sports drinks is electrolytes. The body can maintain plasma levels of electrolytes and salts several days without running out. The body maintains this via the kidneys as it slows down the rate of sodium excretion. Sports drinks actually speed up the loss of electrolytes through the sweat.