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Feel The Magic! When Will I See Results?

Magic it is, instantaneous magic maybe not. People who take SHORE MAGIC consistently, all feel the magic. Some people see results quickly, however when dealing with long-term problems like back issues, knee issues, some joint issues, we need patience. Be prepared to commit to at least 3-6 months of daily Shore Magic at the correct dose.
For many more difficult issues like injury, anxiety, lack of focus, and behavioral issues, we recommend taking Shore Magic 2 tablespoons twice a day.

But stay with it!!! Consistency is key.

One Shore Magic customer came to us with severe joint issues. Her hands were stiff and that made it difficult for her to work. After a month she came to reorder. I asked her “How are your hands feeling?” She said “the same” “but people tell me I am glowing!” She continued it for 4 more months, as she loved what it was doing to her hair and skin. After 5 months she was pain free and her hands felt so limber. She experienced the Magic!!