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Discipline: The Engine That Gets You To Good Health

One of the biggest roles I play as a health coach is motivator. So many clients want to feel better and see changes in their health but in the beginning they just can’t seem to resist the ice-cream or the chocolate or fill in the blank with your fave food. Part of it is physical addiction but the biggest hurdle is plain old discipline.
One of the best things I have developed through my life is strong discipline. It’s because of lots of self talk that says “Joy it’s not worth it!” Whether it was watching the pounds or detoxing.
I believe the most important thing is to ask yourself “Self, what is your motivation?” And make sure you give yourself one heck of an answer.
We can talk ourselves into or out of anything. It all comes down to your motivation. It has to be strong and it has to be purposeful.

Once, I healed a bad case of gastritis with diet. I learned to de-stress with yoga, breath deeply, and I followed a strict diet of protein, vegetables and good fats. Discipline was key. I had important goals I did not, no, would not mess up. The choice was stay on medication that could destroy my digestion for life or heal naturally. I’d say that’s a strong motivation, especially when you have a family who depends on you.

The only way to whole-body health is by harnessing your discipline and putting into action all the knowledge you know will change everything.

There is a sense of power and happiness that comes from dedication to your self.
We have to grow up and realize that choices have consequences and the world owes you nothing.

Make good choices about the foods you eat and smarter choices about lifestyle. Add movement into your day, consciously relax; meditate or tap away stress. Definitely take your SHORE MAGIC COLLAGEN every day. This stuff is so life changing its crazy. Most people need support to stay with it at the beginning. Once you start and see the symptoms change its so much easier.

So define your motivation. What is it for you?