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It's All About The Hair

In the past few years I have been hearing a lot of testimonials about the amazing results people are seeing from SHORE MAGIC Premium Collagen and their hair.’


Even people who did not take it specifically for their hair but for other issues, noticed a thickening of their hair as well as a texture change. It seems many are finding their hair to be shinier and more manageable.


Today I received a testimonial from a gentleman who cured a scalp condition and attributes it to SHORE MAGIC.


Rob Palmer

Fitness Professional

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Okay Major Key Alert: This is my personal true testimonial in regards with my experience using this product SHORE MAGIC. Everyone knows I have long beautiful locks, but very few know that due to a severe sunburn on my scalp it triggered a reaction on my scalp that not only made the hair on my edges grow thin but also at one point my hair was breaking off. 

I was plagued with this for almost a year. I started even considering cutting off my locks.  I tried a combination of topical creams, supplements like Biotin, as well as other vitamins. It wasn't until i added SHORE MAGIC to my smoothies that I, after about three weeks of use had no more inflammation, and no more itchy edges! After about a month and a half the roots of my dreads starting growing back thick again. Its been about seven months now, no issues!!!


Another clients hair was so thin that she started wearing hair pieces and has now thrown them out after a few months on SHORE MAGIC!


The most interesting one of all was from a gentleman who found his grey hair was darkening. Imagine that!