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Joy’s Picks July 2022 Edition

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to relax, recharge, and get inspired.

Whether you’re enjoying time away with your family, looking for a way to upgrade your self-care, or just trying to feel inspired, each pick is designed to help you have the summer that you deserve!

But remember, there’s a good chance one of these picks could become your next serious crush.


 My Ultra-Bath

One of my favorite ways to wind down at the end of the day is my “Ultra-Bath.” It’s a special combination of super relaxing and affordable ingredients that let my whole body and mind find a little extra peace before bed. Here’s the recipe: two cups of Epsom salt (which contains magnesium, the ultimate relaxation mineral), half a cup of baking soda (detoxifying and great for the skin), and ten drops of lavender oil (which lowers the stress hormone cortisol). Add these to a hot bath and soak for at least twenty minutes and if you sip some hot chamomile tea with Shore Magic before bed, I know you’ll feel a whole new level of calm.


The Invisibilia Podcast: “How To Become Batman"

Here’s a dose of inspiration for the week. This podcast shares the story of Daniel Kish, a man who lost his eyes as a baby due to cancer, who learned how to use a form of echolocation to sense his surroundings. He is independent and able to do things like ride a bike, travel, and so much more, because he didn’t buy in to the expectations that were put on him by other people. So often, people are told they can’t do things so they don’t even try. But when we move outside those projected beliefs and explore our own abilities, it’s pretty amazing what we’re capable of. 


Nothing like a long flowing skirt to make me feel chic and comfortable. Love this one❤️


Love a pretty sleek white sandal for summer.


I love mixing up a dressy silhouette with a casual fabric. I find it very interesting and cool looking.