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Joy’s September Picks

This month I’m focusing on self-care and small changes that can have large impacts on our health and well-being.


The Effects Of Artificial Food Dyes

There are so many unnecessary ingredients added into processed foods, with dyes being a common one. Lots of families struggle with attention and behavioral issues and diet is often not the first intervention on the list. In this TEDx Talk from mother and psychologist, Dr. Rebecca Bevans, she shares her experience with her son’s emotional dysregulation, to the point of suicidal ideation, and identifying his sensitivity to food dyes. Removing food dyes from his diet had a profound effect on him physically, emotionally, and mentally. This video is a great example of why reading all ingredients and choosing those that we can find in nature is always the safest bet. 


Walk Your Way to Better Health

I know many of you want to take care of your health but some gym memberships or personal trainers fees can take a toll. Well here is your solution: walking. It’s a free, easy, accessible way to exercise that can be done anywhere. One new study found that just 10 minutes of power walking every day could add years to your life. Another study looking at 47,000 participants over 7 years found that walking can progressively decrease mortality. For adults 60 and over, between 6,000-8,000 steps a day had the greatest effect in decreasing mortality, and for adults less than 60 the range was 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day. 


Add Some Pep to Your Step

My favorite sneakers to do some power walking in: