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Our technology sets us apart

For many years, I’ve been hearing about collagen products for skin and anti-aging. Lately, people have uncovered the fact that a collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed through the skin! So I assumed all of those products were pretty useless.

Enter Shore Magic skincare! I formulated our organic skincare in France and in a lab that is amazing. They found a way to micro-engineered marine collagen. In essence, that means they break it down to a tiny little molecule that gets absorbed right through the skin!

This proprietary technology combined with other premium organic ingredients helped us create the most effective, beautiful skincare on the market today. When you put it on give it a minute, you will find no residue on your skin, just soft glowing skin.

All eleven of our skincare products have micro-engineered marine collagen in them and each one is effective and luxurious. Combined with Shore Magic ingestible collagen, it is even more effective. Beauty from the inside out.