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International Women's Day

A few years ago, when I started Shore Magic, being a female CEO wasn’t such a huge deal. Founders like myself were inspired by female bosses like Estee Lauder and Diane Von Furstenberg, but no one was celebrating their personal and professional accomplishments. Now we live in a world where female CEOs are booming and finally being recognized for their power and hard work! 

Podcasts with female bosses, sections of websites like Violet Grey’s “Woman Made” and people wanting to support women who run businesses are showing us that female founders are the trend. It’s about time I say!

What an amazing time to be a woman! I know for sure young girls seeing this trend won’t fear stepping out to do something big in the world. The example that many fierce and bright women are providing is here! Many of these women-run businesses are so meaningful, mission-driven, and heart-centered… it’s a beautiful thing. Can’t stop us now! With the support and love of women everywhere, International Women’s Day is more meaningful than ever!

“They run the world, GIRLS!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Shore Magic Collagen superior to other sources of collagen?

Our marine collagen powder is made from wild cod skins sourced from the purest waters. What makes Shore Magic Collagen better than other collagen products is its superior absorption capabilities (up to 95% absorbable by the body) compared to typical sources of collagen such as porcine and bovine collagen supplements. 

Shore Magic is the purest collagen on the market today, and we maintain our product as one pure ingredient with no dangerous additives or fillers and no synthetic vitamins or herbs.

Are there any other ingredients or fillers in Shore Magic collagen products?

No, Shore Magic Collagen products contain only one pure ingredient and do not include any additional fillers or ingredients. Shore Magic is third-party tested and certified twice for purity. It’s also certified hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for people with allergies. But we still recommend checking with your doctor. 

Do you perform testing on each lot of Shore Magic for heavy metals?

Yes. Every batch of Shore Magic Collagen is tested for purity not once, but twice, ensuring the highest quality product you can find. There’s a reason they call us the Gold Standard of collagen!